Monday, October 27, 2008

Where's the Chicken?

We have a Rooster! When we got them, they were too little to tell if they were hens or roosters.

Now, we know that we have one of each. We are still working on the chicken coop. It should be done this week. In the meantime, this is where John found the rooster a few days ago. I'll be painting the run today.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Carnival

Hayden and Rachel's school had a carnival this weekend and they had a great time. Hayden's favorite thing was the "Pit Stop Challenge". He got to take the wheels off and change them.

Look out goats, he's learning how to rope!

Pa Bob tried giving Hayden lessons in roping. Hayden decided to rope the goats. It was so funny to see him run after them as they ran around the field. He was not able to rope one, but he had lots of fun trying.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hedley Cotton Festival 2008

This weekend, we went to the Hedley Cotton Festival and Hoggard family reunion. The whole town came out for this huge event. When I was a kid, we used to go every year and they had a parade, booths and a carnival. It has considerably decreased in size, but everyone still came out. The good thing was, we didn't spend as much money as my parents used to and all the money we did spend stayed in Hedley. Every booth was a fund raiser. This is nothing like the festivals most of you are used to, but it was still fun and the older girls got to run around and do what they wanted. They ended up in the BINGO hall most of the day. Kate's friend Savannah played four corner BINGO for an afghan. Actually, they all played, but Savannah won. There was a lady sitting across from her that had 6 cards spread out in front of her. She was devastated when Savannah yelled "BINGO". Savannah offered the lady her winnings and the lady gladly pulled out her wallet and gave Savannah $25. I'd say that is a pretty good trade for a 13 year old.

As for the chickens, well, Rachel loves animals and ever since we gathered eggs in Childress, she has been wanting a chicken. Well, they happened to have a Chicken drop BINGO at the Hedley Cotton Festival. (You buy a square and if the chicken poops on your square, you win $250) The local ag teacher's son provided the chickens. My dad thought it would be funny to ask him if he'd sell those chickens to Rachel. He was half kidding, but as soon as Rachel got wind of it, she was not going home without a chicken. We told dad that he may have some extra animals in Hedley until we could build a coop. Sure enough, the boy gave Rachel and Hayden a chicken each for FREE. He even brought them a can of feed. Rachel was thrilled! Me, well not so much. The boy is in FFA (Future Farmer's of America). Watch out, Rachel may be showing chickens at next year's fair. We ended up bringing them home and found out that it is okay to have them. They are not considered livestock, so keeping them in your backyard is fine. Now, we have to put our French door project on hold so we can build a chicken coop. You are sure to see more of this endeavor.

By the way, I will be changing my blog again soon. Driftwood was a temporary name. Remember, I had a contest to rename my blog? Well this time, no contest, but I may let you vote on a new name. I have to get some good ones first and then I'll let ya know.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

French doors and more

French doors for Sarah and Rachel's room

We still have some work to do: painting, handles, blinds...

The Tin Man

My big helper

New pictures and moved the bookcase

The craft room has already been put to great use! We love it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's in Hayden's pockets?

Well, they started out in his pockets, but didn't get dumped before I did the laundry. The funny thing is, I didn't hear them in the wash. It wasn't until I started moving the clothes to the dryer that I heard these little things dropping on the floor and then bouncing into oblivion. They were tiny little pebbles and some of them were really hard to see on a hard wood floor. I made him gather them all out after I moved the laundry over. It took him about 20 minutes to get them all out. Boys and the things they put in their pockets. I guess I can be thankful it wasn't a frog!

Our biggest catch


Playing with a couple of neighbors

As you know, the kids love to catch things. Well, a few weeks ago, they informed me that there was a tarantula by our back door. Apparently tarantulas are roaming around these parts this time of year. Yip, they caught it. Well, John and a neighbor kid Blake actually caught it, but it stayed on our front porch for several days until someone let it go. Did they feed it? Of course; they caught some crickets for a tasty lunch. I'm not sure I want to know what is next...

Texas High School Football

A couple of weeks ago, I took my family back to my old stomping grounds. It is, after all, just an hour from here. We went to Homecoming! I had not been back to anything since I graduated in 1991. There were a few people that I graduated with at the game, but everyone in Clarendon came out for the game. It was the first time our kids had been to a football game. It was also the first time John had a date to Homecoming. He's so sweet! There were so many people that we had to sit right in front of the fence on a cement ledge and they even brought in extra bleachers for the game. It was so fun to see a couple of girls I graduated with. Minde and Shonda and their kids. It was great to catch up on where they are and what they are doing and to see Minde's mom. I had plans to meet another friend there, but she forgot her phone (Tammy). I did get to see her briefly and plan to get together for some scrapbooking.
We have since gone to a Canyon High School football game and the kids had a great time roaming around and hanging out with their friends. It's good to be back in Texas!