Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mrs. Behrens is the coolest teacher ever...

One of our second grade teachers lives down the street from us. She invited our kids to ride their bikes to school today and tomorrow. Rachel decided not to participate, but Hayden was not about to miss it. Mrs. Behrens sent her daughter and another rider to pick Hayden up at 7:15am. John woke him up at about 6:45 and he got right up. He was ready to go. I didn't have to tell him to do anything twice this morning. {Dear Mrs. Behrens, Could you please ride your bike to school everyday and take my Hayden with you?} What a great experience for a 1st grade ride his bike to school. After school, Mrs. Behrens allowed the children to cross the street to buy a snow cone before they started their ride back home. Hayden came home grinning from ear to ear. It is probably a day that he will remember for a long long time... Thank you Mrs. Behrens!

Discovery Center

The Discovery center had an appreciation night for my husbands company. The kids had a great time exploring and building and shhh, learning.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Book Character Day!

Today was book character day. Hayden decided to go as Cat In The Hat. We turned his t-shirt inside out and attached some felt to the front for his belly. Target sold the hat recently in the $1 section and we made a tail out of fabric last minute. He was so excited! Here's out little reader. His reading level is way above Dr. Seuss, but he loves a good book.

Choir Banquet

Wow, Kate's freshman year has flown by. It seems like just yesterday that I was a freshman. How is it possible that this many years have gone by? She just participated in her Choir banquet last week. She also found out that she made Chorale and Glee! She is super excited and has a lot to look forward to in her sophomore year. The next thing I know, she'll be driving...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wax Museum at PPHM

Rachel's class has been preparing for the Wax Museum for a while now. The entire 4th grade at her class has been researching characters in history that were important to Texas history. Rachel's character was Lady Bird Johnson. The students had to come up with a costume and prepare a speech to give to each person that passed their way. It was really neat to see how much the kids learned, not only about their character, but also the characters of each of their friends. Having the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum as a back drop was not too shabby either. What a great experience!

Happy Mother's Day


A new tool ...

Measure twice, cut once.

We have holes.

Having fun?

Kate is bright!

Ahhh, new lights!

When we moved into our house, we loved everything about it except the kitchen lighting. It had one center light and a North-West facing kitchen window. It was pretty dark to say the least. I have been known to take my dish over to the kitchen window to make sure what I'm cooking was done. Well, not anymore. Happy early Mother's Day! I got exactly what I asked lighting. What a difference. My dad came for the day and he and John got it done. The planning and placement took most of the time. Planning is crucial when it comes to kitchen lighting. We had things in the attic to deal with that you just don't think about when you're looking from inside the kitchen. It looks amazing. I am very happy that we didn't have so much going on that we couldn't do it. Thank you John! And, thank you dad! I love it!