Monday, September 5, 2011

Yellowstone National Park- 2011

The Fruge' family, Carson family & Hoggard family all meet in Yellowstone!

A park Ranger shows Hayden some really big Elk antlers.

Notice the matching shirts!- Thanks Gran!

Our Pet Buffalo and my favorite story to tell.

Bear tracks...

Notice the shadow of the person next to the Elk. We were in our car. Um, they're called wild animals for a reason.

Grand Prismatic

Near Grand Prismatic

Morning Glory Pool

Yes, Hayden has his own valley in Yellowstone and he was really proud of that.

My sweet family!

A whole lot of hiking to do here.

Old Faithful

She was fashionably late.

Can't wait to go back!

Yellowstone is everything you expect and more...

Yellowstone By The Numbers:
6 days of travel, 6 people, 1 car
7 States to mark off the list
3 National parks Mt. Capulin, Yellowstone, Arches
1 60th Birthday party for my dad
2,700 miles round trip
3 nights in Yellowstone in Canyon Village
12 miles at least for hiking on this trip
100's of Bison roaming through the valley
1 'pet' Bison came to visit us the 1st morning
2 many Elk to count relaxing in the shade of old Ft. Yellowstone
4 kids that had just as much fun as I did
3 Moose
1 Wolf
0 Bears