Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Best Patient EVER!

Every time Hayden goes to the dentist, he falls asleep. The first time it happened, I was in the waiting room and I could hear the receptionist talking about someone being asleep. All the people that worked there were passing by this room to see the person sleeping. Well, I quickly found out that it was Hayden. We thought it was a one time thing, but recently, we've discovered that it is an every time thing. He has had a couple of fillings fall out in the past week, so we have been to the dentist twice this week. We should have a standing 3:30 appointment, because we get him there just after school, give him a little laughing gas and some music and within minutes, he is out. It is the funniest thing. Yesterday, expecting a nap, I took my camera. Sure enough, he enjoyed his usual nap in the dentist chair. Dr. Wilson said he never expected his best patient to be a six year old boy. Hayden laughs every time. He thinks it's so funny. Now, when we get there, we just tell them that we are there for our nap.

Kindergarten Graduation

Hayden walks the aisle
The official DiplomaPause for a photoGreat day!
Look out first grade, here he comes...
Today, another milestone occurred in the Fruge' household. Our youngest child graduated from Kindergarten. It was an event for sure. Each kid got to walk the aisle and say what they wanted to be when they grew up. Hayden said that he wanted to be a basketball player. There were some great future jobs mentioned: astronaut, vet, doctor, weather man, Dallas Cowboys football player, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, teacher, mom, McDonald's worker, bear hunter and a gemologist. It was fun to hear what they aspired to be.
I remember when it seemed like forever before they'd all be in school. When Kate started Kindergarten, I had Sarah and Rachel at home. Kate played so hard at school, that she came home everyday and fell asleep. Then, a few years later, Sarah started school in Abilene. Left behind then were Rachel and Hayden. Then, the next thing you know, Rachel started school in Albuquerque and my little Hayden was the only one left at home. August of 2008 marked many milestones for us: we bought our first house, we moved our kids to a non-military base related town and Hayden started school. It is hard to believe that life passes so quickly. When my kids were little, I never thought that. There were times that seemed to drag forever... not anymore. Today, a little older, a little wiser, I can say that time is moving way to fast. I am one of the moms that is so glad that school is out. I love spending time with my kids. It is a wonder that I never home schooled. We have big plans for the summer: Museum Mondays, Picnics in the park, Pool time and about 1/2 a dozen trips thrown in for fun. I am always a little sad to see school start in the Fall. It is bittersweet to see another year pass so quickly. I can't hold time in my hands, but I can hold the memories in my heart. I look forward to another Summer of memories and great times with my family! I wanted to share some memories to go along with the photos of today's event.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Excellence Award

Rachel had her 3rd grade awards ceremony today. She has had "excellent" behavior for the entire year on her report cards and received an excellence award and a medal. She was so excited that she wore her medal most of the day. We are very proud of her.