Saturday, September 29, 2007

I've gone bananas!

Bananas on Parade

Dancing with the stars Banana



Peg leg Bananarrr

ipod Ba-nano

Dawn and I hosted a Tupperware party a few days ago in my home. It was the best home show of any kind that I have ever been to. It was a banana split party and you had to bring your own banana dressed up for a contest. The Tupperware lady gave out 'tupperbucks' for all kinds of different things like: being on time, bringing a friend, decorating a banana, if it had eyes, arms, legs... I loved seeing everyone show up with their decorated bananas. I had to share some of thephotos with you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quilt Show

On the way home from Young's Dairy, there was a quilt show at an apple orchard. I was so excited to get to stop and take pictures. It made me wish I had a better camera. There are so many neat things like that here. I just wanted to share...

The Wool Gathering

Alex, Emma, Kate, Hayden, Sarah and Rachel

Okay, switch hats....

"Hayden, feel this one."

Our kids all wanted us to buy the bunny. (Emma petting it)

Looking at yarn sure takes it out of ya.

Okay, most of you know that we went to the Wool Gathering at Young's Dairy last year. Well, we had to go back. I love going to touch all the different kinds of yarn. I just got a few pictures this year. They had a few more booths this year and a lot more people. We walked through all the booths and I bought some organic cotton washcloths that were hand made. The weather was much nicer this year. Last year, it was a little warm and this year, it was jacket weather; we loved it. After walking through everything, we went to stand in line for ice cream. After we ordered, I saw they had pumpkin ice cream, so I asked for a sample. Well, if you have never had pumpkin ice cream, you have got to try it. It was like pumpkin pie heaven. Delicious! Definately worth a drive to Ohio...just kidding.

Hayden's 1st day of Preschool

Well, not really preschool, but that's what we call it. He is going to a Mother's Day out program one day a week. He is in a room with mostly boys which doesn't usually happen with Hayden. He is used to being with girls everywhere we go. Last Wednesday was his first day and he was so excited to get to pack his own lunch, choose his clothes for school and do all the things he sees his sisters do every day. He had a lot of fun and even got to watch the cartoon version of fantastic four. He is in the big kid room, so he didn't even have to take a nap.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Worth the drive...

70miles= $11.32 (cost of gas roundtrip)

2 Southwest supersonic burgers, 2 wacky pack kid's meals, 1 wacky pack burger meal, 1 large popcorn chicken combo with Onion rings, 2 Rt. 44 vanilla Diet Dr. Peppers, 1 large fry, 1 jalapeno strips and 2 Supersonic breakfast burritos (to freeze for later)= $35.31

Our annual drive to the nearest Sonic= Priceless!