Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

Last week it was Pantex night at the Dillas. We got free tickets and took the family to the ballpark. It was the first game we had been to. We learned two things: 1. Take plenty of snacks or plan to buy them there. 2. Teenage girls aren't that into baseball.

Clydesdale Horses at the Library

The Canyon Area Library has a great Summer Reading Program. This week, they brought in local Clydesdale horses and lots of farm animals for the kids to see and pet and learn about. It was so fun. They had a baby bull that was a week and a half old, donkeys, rabbits, dogs, kittens, baby chicks, Clydesdale horses... Lots of great animals all for the petting! Loved it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How is it that it is July already?

It is hard for me to believe it is July already. I feel like the summer has blown right past me. This week, painting is on my list of things to do. 1st up, French doors. Yes, the French doors that we installed in the 4th bedroom. They are done, trimmed, and ready to be sanded and painted! Yes, we put them in over a year ago. Hey, they are ready and I'm ready to paint them. Next up, Hayden's dark and dreary blue room is about to get a much lighter blue facelift. We made the mistake of painting the walls blue, painting the ceiling an even darker blue and then buying the cutest ceiling fan ever, only to discover that it is not a light at all, but instead, a dark. That's what my MIL would say. After that, the dark brown bathroom... Rachel says it's the best place in the house to see if something really glows in the dark. That is "the dark". Well, it's off to paint...