Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sarah's new room!

Sarah wanted her own room and used her negotiating skills to convince us that this was her last chance. (She is right) Military housing just isn't known for 5 bedrooms. If we continue to live in military housing, we will have 4 bedrooms. That means someone has to share. When we got here, Rachel and Hayden were sharing a room and Kate and Sarah were sharing a room. When we leave here, Hayden will have to have his own room, so Sarah asked if she could move into the playroom. Success! She got her own room and she now has the cleanest room in the house. We found some really cute monkey stuff at Target. The monkey faces on the wall are place mats we found for $2.50 each.

Easter in Ohio

It snowed on Easter here as it did in much of the US. I had bought new dresses for the girls and it was not the weather for a cute little spring dress on Easter Sunday. Kate decided to brave the cold in her dress anyway. She is growing so fast! She is almost done with 6th grade already, I can't believe it.

PWOC retreat

What a weekend! I just spent the weekend at Deer Creek State Park here in Ohio and had an incredible time. Our PWOC group just had their Spring Retreat. A few months ago, there were three of us planning the entire weekend. We started with prayer: that God would appoint the ladies He wanted to be there, that we would have volunteers help with the planning, that the details would be worked out and that the time would be used for God's glory. Honestly, we thought there might be 25 women if we were lucky. I even volunteered to make tote bags with my new sewing machine; I embroidered our retreat theme on the front of each bag. There were not 25 women at the retreat, there were 41. Let's just say, I know my machine like the back of my hand. It took about an hour and a half to finish each bag! But, the results were amazing. Each woman was able to carry around all her things and since we were in a larger facility, we needed a bag to carry.

Our speaker, Victoria Robinson, is the wife of an Air Force Chaplain and speaks to women all over the world. She left our retreat headed for Germany to do 4 events and then back home for a week and then she will be at Kirtland for some training for some of my PWOC friends there. Victoria has a powerful testimony and was really able to meet some of our ladies right where they were and help give them some powerful tools to handle the challenges they face on a daily basis. When you are a military spouse, you face challenges that the average wife never has to worry about. I can say one thing for sure, when I get to heaven, it is going to be a beautiful reunion with the many friends that God has brought into our lives. Our Christmas list keeps growing and growing. I don't know what God has in store for me, but I do know that He goes before me and prepares the way.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rachel turns 7

We just celebrated Rachel's 7th birthday! She still loves horses so she wanted a horse birthday party. Some of the kids came dressed in their cowgirl boots (I have been told they are cowgirl boots when girls wear them an not cowboy boots) and western attire. We still keep it small, not inviting the entire class to a hugely over-rated kid's pizza place where it is too loud, you spend too much money and there are too many kids to allow any normal parent to think clearly.

Here We Are!

I have decided to try something a little different. I have always sent pictures and emails on a regular basis to keep people updated. Now I'd like to try having a blog that you can come to periodically and check to see what is going on in the Fruge' family. I plan to post pictures and do the little stories that I usually do with email...